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About GAIF

GAIF Vision

The Federation mainly aims to enhance cooperation between Arab Insurance Markets, related bodies, strengthen their relations and coordinate their different activities in order to defend the member's interests and promote the Arab Insurance industry.

GAIF Mission

The General Arab Insurance Federation (GAIF) is an Arab International Organization working to support the Arab Insurance Industry to achieve development & integration by following the policies and procedures mentioned in the Federation articles of Association in order to service its members interests

GAIF membership is open for::

  All Arab insurance and reinsurance companies that carry out their activities for their own account and are registered in Arab countries, as well as Arab insurance bodies and supervisors and national insurance federations.

  Insurance and reinsurance companies registered in an non-Arab country and conducting their business mainly for themselves in an Arab country whose laws do not allow the registration of insurance and reinsurance companies in the first place.

Requirements: :

  51% of the capital of the entity to be owned by shareholders holding an Arab nationality.

  The majority of the board members must be Arab citizens or appointed by persons holding an Arab country citizenship.

Federation membership

Full membership: :

Arab insurance and reinsurance institutions, bodies and federations meeting the conditions mentioned in the paragraph above which allows them the voting right in the general conference; they can also express their opinions and elect their market representatives in the Federation Board.

Associate Members

Can be associate members, entities not meeting the full membership conditions; for example:

  Insurance regulators in the Arab countries

  Arab Insurance Federations & Associations.

  Arab insurance federations / societies, Arab advisory offices and bodies working in the field of research and development.

  Arab institutes and centers specialized in educating and training technical personnel in the insurance industry

  Arab bodies and organizations related to insurance and reinsurance business. The participating member does not have the right to vote in the General Conference, nor entitled to elect markets representatives in the Federation Board; the associate member has the right to present what he/she deems appropriate in the meetings of the General Conference


Insurance and reinsurance companies (or their regional offices) operating in Arab countries but not meeting the conditions for a full membership mentioned in the above paragraph; or Arab insurance and reinsurance companies operating outside the Arab countries and meeting the conditions for a full membership, according to the following:

  The observer is entitled to attend the general conference, and express its opinion on the topics raised

  However, the observer is not entitled to vote in the General Conference and does not have the right to elect market representatives in the Federation Council.

  Insurance and reinsurance companies from all Arab countries participate in the membership of the General Arab Insurance Federation, whether state-owned, private sector, or jointly owned.

On 01/01/2023, the number of GAIF members companies reached (330) from all over Arab countries

Basic Information

The General Arab Insurance Federation was established in Cairo in September 1964 in response to the desire of many Arab insurance men and Arab insurance and reinsurance companies.

The Federation enjoys legal personality and administrative and financial independence that enables it to carry out legal practices aimed at achieving its goals.

Since its establishment in 1964, the GAIF has taken the permanent headquarters in Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt. A headquarter agreement was signed and issued by His Excellency the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt No. 214 of 1995, which was approved by the Egyptian People's Assembly on December 31, 1995. It was published in the Official Gazette according to the decision of the Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs No. 8 of 1996, dated January 24, 1996.