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Arab Insurance Institute (AII)

The A.I.I is an independent institution providing insurance trainings and education to companies and individuals across the Middle East and North Africa. Programs are designed to support individuals in all LoB and / or related matters to the insurance sector, in general and life insurance: insurance and reinsurance service providers, loss adjusters, insurance brokers, and insurance departments and for. The scope of the institute program is constantly evolving according to demand. The institute has compiled academic research, practical experience and guidance; in addition to professional documentation, and the best standards. The objective is to enhance the technical skills and commercial capabilities in order to improve professional’s level; and which will be reflected positively on the society and the individuals working life. The institute integrates also “face-to-face” trainings and the latest education methods appropriate to the topic and the program requirements. Programs are available across the region from our Head Office and also our temporary locations. The trainers are insurance industry professionals. The AII objectives: To promote and provide insurance training in the Arab world and make it available at anytime, anywhere, and to all interested people, by integrating traditional programs and values ​​with the latest education methods for the benefit of businesses and individuals, the economy and society.

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