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Economical Integration

To achieve the Economical Integration, GAIF adopting methods from which to achieve this goal:- Recommendation to increase the retention levels of insurance premiums inside the Arab Region besides minimizing the leakage outside the region Increasing the co-operation of insuring the Arab Projects through creating strong Economical entities.

  Arab Reinsurance Pool

  Arab Reinsurance Company "ARABRE"– (Beirut - Lebanon) which established by the Insurance & Reinsurance Companies working in the Arab Insurance Markets.

The Arabian Orange Card

(The orange card)

  The foundation of the unified insurance card on motor vehicles crossing the Arab countries through an international convention which signed in Tunisia on 26-4-1975 and aims to encourage the tourism, facilitate the trade exchange and the circulation of Arab citizens vehicles between Arab members countries.

The current status of the orange card convention

  The unified insurance card on motor vehicles crossing the Arab countries convention had been signed at Tunis on 26-4-1975.

  Establish the unified Specimen of the unified bureaux.

  The practical implementation of orange card has been effected from 1-7-1977 by establishing The Regional Unified Bureau in each country to join the agreement between Arab Unified Bureaux The countries joined to in Tunis Convention are 18 counties: Jordan - United Arab Emirates - Kingdom of Bahrain - Tunisia- Algeria - Sudan - Syria - Iraq - Oman - Palestine - Qatar - Kuwait - Lebanon - Libya - Arab Republic of Egypt - Morocco - Yemen .

  The countries didn’t join to Tunis Convention are: Somalia – Mauritania .

  The countries joined to Tunis Convention and established their own unified bureau are: Jordan - United Arab Emirates - Kingdom of Bahrain - Tunis- Algeria - Syria - Iraq - Oman - Palestine - Qatar - Kuwait - Lebanon - Libya - Arab Republic of Egypt – Morocco .

  P.S. the unified bureau in Palestine - morocco & Kingdom of Saudia Arabic didn’t issue the orange card yet .

The details of Arab Unified Bureaux


Arabization insurance language

Under the technical committees’ activity with the General Secretariat of the Union, were Arabized the following insurance policies:

1.In the field of Car insurance

  Comprehensive motor insurance policy (Arabic Version only)

2.In the field of Car insurance

  Fire insurance policy (Arabic Version only)

  Additional coverage (fire insurance)

  Burglary insurance policy (Arabic Version only)

3. In the field of engineering insurance

  Erection All Risks Policy No

  Contractors’ all risks policy

4. In marine insurance "cargo"

  Institute cargo clauses (a)

  Institute cargo clauses (b)

  Institute cargo clauses (c)

  Institute War Clauses "cargo"

  Institute strikes Clauses "cargo"

  Termination of transit clause (terrorism 2009)

  Institute cargo clauses (air)

  Institute War Clauses "Air cargo" (Excluding sending by post)

  Institute strikes Clauses "Air cargo"

5. In the field of marine insurance "bodies"

  Marine hull insurance policy (Arabic Version only)

6. In the field of aviation insurance

  Arab aviation (hull & liabilities) insurance policy (Arabic Version only)

  Arab aviation cargo "goods" (except sending by post) (Arabic Version only)

7. In the field of road transport

  Land transportation insurance policy (Arabic Version only)

8. In the field of life insurance

  Life insurance policy (Arabic Version only)

9. In the field of insurance professional responsibilities

  Professional Indemnity Policy Architects and civil Engineers (Arabic + English)

  Contractors’ all risks policy

10. In the field of property insurance :

  Property insurance policy against the dangers of political violence

11. In the field of health insurance :

  Group health (medical) insurance policy

Issuing publications and brochures

Arab Insurance Magazine

  GAIF quarterly issuing a distinct and specialized Magazine "Arab insurance" concerning all topics of related the Arab insurance and reinsurance industry in the Arab world as well as publish the Arab insurance markets reports.

Specializing books in insurance and reinsurance

during the period 1992 -2020 GAIF issued the following publications: -

  GAIF Arab, insurance and reinsurance companies members directory (1992 - 1994-1996 - 1998 - 2000 - 2002 - 2004 - 2006 – 2008 – 2010 - 2012- 2014 - 2016 -2018)

  Loss prevention or minimizing on Marine & non Marine Insurance

  Industrial and petrochemical risks insurance book

  Technical , financial accounts and investment in insurance and reinsurance companies book

  Insurance Dictionary (Marine , Non Marine - life) Arabic - English - French.

  GATT and its impact on the Arab insurance industry.

  Compulsory car insurance laws in the Arab countries book (second edition 1996)

  General Average in marine insurance book.

  Compulsory car laws insurance in the Arab counties book. (third edition 2008)

  Arab Insurance (Directory A.I.D 2020-2021)

GAIF has previously issued the following books: -

  Reinsurance and the capacity of the Arab markets book .

  Compulsory car laws insurance in the Arab countries (first edition 1989)

Specialized insurance seminars

 Since its inception, the Union has held many specialized insurance seminars during the years 2005 - 2020 it was held

  The following seminars