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Arab Insurance Regulations League


  Conducting studies and preparing researches related to the legal aspects of insurance and reinsurance business in the Arab region in comparison with other jurisdictions.

  Join the International Society for Insurance Laws; and submitting reports on the development of Arab insurance legislation to:
A. GAIF General Secretariat
B.The General Conference of the International Society of Insurance Laws.

  Cooperating with similar entities in other countries and exchanging information with them.

  Giving special attention to studies related to Compulsory insurance such TPL arising from vehicle accidents, Workmen’s Compensation, Professional Liability insurance, and other mandatory insurance

  When requested, providing legal advice to the Arab insurance markets, when preparing insurance and reinsurance draft laws.

  Resolving insurance and reinsurance disputes in which the parties are from two or more different countries; at the request of one of the parties to the litigation and by way of cooperation with regional arbitration centers; and seeking in the future to establish arbitration centers for disputes between GAIF insurance companies.


The League's membership is available for:

  Law associations in Arab countries.

  Lawyers working for insurance and reinsurance companies, regulators, insurance associations, members of GAIF

  Professionals of insurance (brokers / loss adjusters ... etc;) GAIF members.

  Law professors in Arab universities.

Membership withdrawal/ Cancellation:

The membership can be canceled in the following cases: -

  Non payment of annual subscription fees, for two consecutive years.

  Resignation .


  Loss of legal personality .


Subscription fee

  The League annual subscription fee of the is $ 150 per person.

League sources of financial income:

  The financial resources of the association consist of: -
1. Annual subscription fee.
2.Grants, aid and donations directed to the League to be approved by administrative body..

Chairing the Meetings

  The Chairman of the League’s Board chairs the General Assembly meetings and in the event that he/she is unable to attend, the meeting will be chaired by the Vice President, and in the absence of the President and Vice President, the meeting can be chaired by the oldest member among the attendees.

League dissolution:

  The League cannot be dissolved only if requested of two-thirds of the members; and the recommendation to dissolve the League is issued when approved by the absolute majority of the members present at the extraordinary general assembly.

  The recommendation of the General Assembly must by submitted to GAIF General Assembly for approval and to the assembly for adoption.

League’s organs:

The General Assembly

  It includes all associate members of the League from all Arab countries, and undertakes the formulation of public policies and work to achieve the League’s objectives.

  The League General Assembly will elect the President and Vice-President. At the first meeting session of the League, the presidency of the Association is assigned to the person / entity who proposed to establish the Arab League for Insurance Laws.

Association Secretariat

  GAIF Secretariat undertakes the League’s secretariat and shall follow-up the following tasks:

  Invitation to hold association meetings

  Preparing and organizing these meetings.

  Preparing meeting minutes and keeping them in coordination with the association's administrative body

The governing body of the association

  It consists of seven members who are elected by the General Assembly of the association, provided that they include the president and vice-president, and this shall be for a period of three years, renewable, provided that the Secretary-General of the Union participates in the meetings

  Responsibilities of the Association's Administrative Board: -

  Preparing the association work plan.

  Representing the Association in the meetings of the International Society of Insurance Laws.

  Forming sub-committees from among its members to study a specific topic, and it may seek the assistance of whomever it deems fit from among the members of the Association.

  Preparing the Association's internal and financial system.

  Preparing an annual report on the Association's activities and submitting it to the General Secretariat of the General Arab Insurance Union.

Association organ meetings

Association General Assembly

  To hold a periodic annual meeting unless there are circumstances calling for an emergency meeting.

  The invitation to hold the meetings is sent by the Secretary General of the General Arab Insurance Union.

  The Secretary-General has the right to call for an extraordinary meeting to discuss a specific topic, or whenever circumstances warrant for that, or if the head of the association’s governing body requests such a meeting.

  A meeting is valid if it is attended by one third of the members or if representatives of five Arab insurance markets attend.

  The minutes of the general assembly meetings and the meeting minutes of the association’s administrative body are signed by the Secretary-General of the General Arab Insurance Federation and the president of the association’s administrative body.

  Decisions are taken by an absolute majority of the members present.

The governing body of the association

  Two meetings are held per year, and the time and place of the next meeting are determined at the end of each meeting.

  Invitation to hold meetings of the Association's Administrative Board is directed by the Secretary-General in coordination with the Chairman of the Administrative Board.

  A meeting is valid if it is attended by one third of the members or if representatives of five Arab insurance markets attend.

  Decisions are taken by an absolute majority of the members present.

  Membership in the Administrative Board shall be forfeited in the event that the elected member does not attend three consecutive sessions of the Administrative Board.

Members of Arab Insurance Law League

The League has 37 members

Articles of Association Of The Arab Insurance Brokers

Articles of Association of Arab Insurance Law League Declared in the first meeting of the Arab Insurance Law League, held in Algeria, on 9/25/2017

General Assembly Meeting

The General Assembly shall hold an annual meeting unless there are circumstances for an emergency meeting

Executive Board Meeting

The Governing body shall hold two meetings a year, at the end of each will be decided the date and place of the next meeting


Organizaion Member

Name Position Country
Mr. Mohammed Mazher Hamada Chairman The United Arab of Emirates
Mr. Maher Al-Hussin Vice Chairman Jordan
Dr. Marwan Ismail Member Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia
Mr. Basim Audi kamal Member Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia
Mr. Abdul Razzaq Al-Farjani Member Libya
Mr. Sherif Mubarak Member Egypt
Dr. Ashraf Ismail Member Egypt

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